Film graduate, screenwriting graduate, and forever student of life. The name’s Olee and I’m native to Sabah, North of Borneo. Here be the place I dump all my amateurish fiction for display. I’m no Shakespere. I write like a third grader. Please excuse my robotic prose. English is not my main tongue.

All entries under reflection category are my thoughts on nothings and snippets of life. The writing exercises are writing prompts courtesy of a friend. I may have ADHD-inattentive. So don’t be surprised if you see a few digressions here and there. Focusing just makes me want to sleep.


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  1. Hi Olee – thanks for stopping by my blog wordsfromsonobe.wordpress.com 🙂 and liking some of the stuff I’ve put up there. How did you find your way there, by the way?

    • Welcome Amelia. I had randomly clicked on a comment you left on Ted Mahsun’s blog. Glad I came upon your site. I must say, your poems are riveting, and your prose is incisive! I came to wonder if you were Malaysian, since you know the word, baca baca.

      • Hi Olee – yup, Malaysian 🙂

        thanks for the feedback abt my poems – somedays, i think they’re pretty ok. other days, they’re crap. LOL.

        unfortunately, i don’t write on this blog as much as i’d like to. only seem to be productive when there’s a writing challenge.

  2. Olee, I came here via your review of my friend Harry Nicholson’s book, and was astonished to learn that English is not your 1st language. Your review is masterly! I shall come back to your fascinating blog.

    • I am humbled Vivinfrance. Thank you kindly. And your poems beckon me! You string such wonderful words together. I will be learning from you from now on.

      • It is I who am humbled, knowing at first hand the uphill struggle of migration to a country with a different and complex language.

  3. Hi Olee, thanks so much for checking out my blog Museum of Documentary and Fiction. I love what you say about yourself and your work. Great approach — filled with honesty. Now, I’m following you… Have a beautiful day. Michele

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    • Glad that you did. And that’s very kind of you. Such flattery inspires me to write more. God Bless you.

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