Book sales and health

A week ago, despite a throbbing headache I was determined to stop by at a city mall to buy myself a roll of jute twine. I bought a few bookmarks online, and then this one:


It’s extremely adorable. I was fascinated by the string and had wanted to buy one at a popular bookstore which also sells arts and crafts. This store is called Popular by the by.  Inspired by the bookmarks I bought, I bought some pendants online and then headed for the mall after work despite a growing headache. I bought takeaways for supper, couldn’t find the string at Popular and sought it at Daiso instead. Daiso is a Japanese store chain selling a variety of home improvements items at a fixed price. Heading back to my car top level I noticed there was a book sale by Popular bookstore and they were using a section in the mall a further away from their actual bookstore where I had been earlier. Arms laden with food and goods, I headed in, passed by a desk offering vouchers, and saw booths upon booths piled with books.


I turned back, passing the curious lady at the desk, headed to my car, dropped my goods, and turned back down, ignoring my massive headache. I forced myself to peruse the offers, and got excited over several titles. At the house I have added a few more piles on top of my to read list.


So I got myself the material for making bookmarks, and new books to use them for!

During the weekends I was excited to read at least three titles considering the English on some of them is lightweight. I still have ADHD and tend to fixate on words. One book down on Saturday, but on Sunday stomach ache hit me. I’ve been having cases of stomach  discomfort for a few weeks since my Mountain climb and it has been ghastly. Sunday was no different. Bloating, diarrhoea, retching, I couldn’t focus and time was wasted recovering in bed. Without good health, it’s hard to enjoy what you love. Anyway, these are books that have been stuck with me for a while because I’m easily distracted. More prose, less plots.











Writing task done. Time to read some more.



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