Creative Stimulus Dead Zone

On the Computer

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Resistance of outpouring of words like lava grazing the walls of a bleeding cave hollow ringing echoing empty voices filling the deafening din of silence agonizing steps these fingers make leaving word-prints on the sands of white page that shout for meaning but brought cringing instead I’ve no substance I crave no audience but I yearn for clarity understanding shared unpeeling the green smothering mask of slime and people people people of limited lexicon parroting vernacular of a constipated swarm stunted mind stuck in time indignant angry yet toady for money a gaudy wallpaper to jaded eyes-glazed, fools fools they rage like tools, oppressed geriatrics who voted for trump who voted for najib who pined for dregs of drained sewage with overpowering clout while fuming for loss of personal control I skirt the cesspit but smelling the shit pitifully pithy society yelling for attention in their myopic vision fuckers them lot falling cringing stupid makes a mob so in silence as unsown plots left to fallow and then fester till no personal voice can be heard and frustration grows hunger scarfs scattered soundbites and headlines like an urchin digesting rotting carbs of zeroes and ones my mind kept fleeing from what it has been seeing mourning a loss of flowing wit, flippancy be damn. I’m stumbling.


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