The Designer


Can different colours of paints mesh together and form a solid Renaissance painting by seeping and swaying in a teetering platform?

Will wood chip, splinter and scratch itself into a recognizable leonine features under the forces of a crumbling house?

Can a pen by chance inscribe beautiful calligraphy as it whirls endlessly about?

Can classical music arise from the discordant cacophany of hollering street vendors, haggling customers and bawling children?

Can a jigsaw puzzle solve itself as its pieces jolts and shudder in a moving world?

Let us look at this in a different perspective.

Can you paint a Renaissance art while standing on a platform balancing on the tip of a pinnacle?

Can you carve wood into a replica of a lion under the roof of a rocking house threatening to topple?

Can you scrawl beautiful calligraphy at a swirling desk that never ceases to twirl?

Can you compose a classical music, in a street buzzing with determined hawkers and haggling customers with their rowdy children?

Can you complete a jigsaw puzzle in a juddering horse cart?

Can the universe create You, You who are more complex and more precious than a painting, a wooden sculpture, calligraphy, classical music, or a jigsaw puzzle, by letting particles bump into each another through millions of years?

Perhaps. I think you are special, and not a random result of the Universe.


2 responses to “The Designer

  1. A whirl of bare phenomena rolls on, yet each of us feels solid enough to declare ourselves seperate and unique – it’s all very strange . . . But keep trying to pin it down it with your pen, Olee.

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