notebook-405755_1920The title says it all. I have a day job. I need a day job to earn a living while keeping my literary interests alive.

I remember blogging one time about writing what you love, and taking the time to write what others may love as well, which may win you fans or earn you sales.

Sometime later, I remember reading about a fellow blogger post remarking contemptuously that one must write what one loves and not what the market wants, which basically makes that writer more honorable.

Sure buddy.

I hope you are earning a decent living blogging whatever it is you felt like writing, and selling reposts because, you know, it’s less degrading than writing and selling what people may love reading.

People have been kind enough not to complain to WordPress about your conduct of mass following for the sake of followers. That’s low. Lower than writing for what the market wants.

Get a day job. It wouldn’t hurt.


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