My Cell Phone

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I own a Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray. A phone from yesteryears that will never again receive any software update or new app. It’s the only camera phone I have after I gave away a more advanced smart phone to my dad. The one given away was a gift by the bank for getting their credit card. Given its internal memory couldn’t support my favourite dictionary and all other non-essential apps of this generation, I found it to be only a slight improvement to my main phone. Its most significant use was to be a modem for my laptop. Dad broke his phone; I gave my phone to him to spare the expense of getting a new one, and I’m stuck with the Sony Ericsson phone whose browser irritatingly keeps shutting off. So I am to get a new phone to spare the madness of using a near obsolete technology. Not that people can’t get by using non smart phones. At least those phones do not exist with the deception of providing a smooth visual experience. This is my story. A story about a cell phone.

After being away from blogging for some time, why am I talking about cell phones? It’s the safest topic I can think of at the moment. I can’t talk about my country because it’s a bad trigger. I don’t want to write about work because I am a reticent introvert who likes to have her lunch with Stephen Colbert in front of the computer instead of going out in the open smog-infused air for small talks or watch people stare at their phones.

I don’t feel like talking about my day or my life in general. It is what it is. And what happens to it is ever connected with decisions made by self-serving dingleberries in power. So I write about my cell phone.

I am grateful at times for my old trammelling phone. Its large bezel, small screen, and battered body do not inspire me to stare at its beauty. Its uncooperative browser and subpar performance inhibit long hour consumption. Its outdated software disables WhatsApp use and discourages colleagues and my boss from contacting me. I am spared from reading whatever petty information and rumours they’ve been sharing between themselves. I remain as the outsider. The clueless among the know. The sad loner who can’t put two words together without having to think her thoughts through. I am outdated among the superficially updated and I like to keep it that way.

At least, to others’ knowledge. I’m a twat if I don’t use this laptop and a good camera phone as the awesome digital manipulators they are. I hope to share more words and pictures in the near future.


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