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Ghost Town

It has been nearly two years since I shared an honest opinion and weave a piece of fiction here. The time away writing casual English has taken a toll on my spontaneity and I find myself struggling to put simple English sentences together to express myself. This doesn’t count my rare posts on Facebook, which mixes my country’s tongue and English and involves an unhealthy dose of emotions. Ironically, I work as a copywriter, writing prosaic English copy for consumers in Asia.

Promotional literature is not as rewarding as descriptive writing, obviously, so I’m back here, trying to recapture that magic of narrating that speaks of who I am. To get started I’ve followed WordPress’s blogging 101 course. I hope to achieve some form of coherence and writing fluidity with this, reconnecting lost words and phrases in my head. Forgive me if my awkward bad English pops up here and there.

For this project, I have decided to share on my outlook as a nerd, reader, foreign film fan, and bored single woman on the social state of my people in this small North Borneon state. I will share with you how the only lifestyle magazine in my home State sucked because there’s a dearth of writers who appreciate good English, and how the socioeconomic condition here has prevented the Sabahan culture on appreciating literature and fine arts. As my writing skill is poor, I welcome grammar comments on my work, and even personal exchanges on random topics about Sabah. At the end year, I hope to be able to write with clarity and coherence with a clear voice in my head.


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    • Thank you Harry. The picture is a free stock image I got from morguefile. I wanted a picture to go with the post so I just picked whatever was available. I guess I should be sharing more images from home. Thanks for dropping by.

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