Talking random: Jack and the Giant Slayer

Jack the Giant Slayer
I am happy that the film Jack the Giant Slayer was made. Not taking itself seriously like Snow White and the Huntsman, Jack the Giant Slayer is pleasant to watch for its clear three act structure and happy ending. My tastes are old school. The romance isn’t cheesy, the sets are captivating and the CGI is wonderful to behold. I love the colours in Hayao Miyazaki’s films so you can imagine my fascination for Jack’s. The world pops out. The greens of the field and stalk, the whites of the clouds, the beige of the castle, the gold of the king’s armour, the sleek silver of His men’s, the harsh grey of the Gargantula’s fort, etc.

Relatively dark and gritty films can only hold my attention so long as the story is solid, e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean, Road to Perdition, Harry Potter films (except the second film). One scene leads to another, off-pace scenes are cut out, and no main characters needlessly die. Jack and the Giant Slayer doesn’t try to be above what it is, a fun fantasy film.

Also, I like the British, Irish and Scottish accents in the film. The cadence and poetry in the dialogues and narration give it character; I would say it inspired flights of fancy more than films the likes of Mirror Mirror did for me.

I hope more films like this comes out. Oh, a new Hayao Miyazaki’s film is.

The Wind Rises Studio Ghibli


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