Organic Love

Path through Meadow

Have you ever seen the gleam on their faces when they glance at each other? Through the corner of the eyes, they hold each other close, planting kisses with every glimpse, and comfort with every eye contact.

Do you know about the ghastly wart on his thigh, the one that can be easily removed with a surgery? He keeps it because it tickles her when they’re snuggled up in bed on wintry nights. Her giggles are worth more than the repulsed looks from strangers.

Do you see her left hand’s clenched ring and little fingers? The fingers would never uncurl properly. They were slashed with a knife by a man who erupted when her husband offended him with a joke on a drunken night in a bar. She held the blade and the man’s hands in hers long enough for others to pull him away.

Can you see the ordinariness of their appearance? In His youthful days, his pointy chin and beaky nose rarely fetched a second look from women, while his narrow shoulders did not command a strong presence in a crowd.

And the Wife, in her younger days was just as unremarkable. She has a dainty nose that tempers her strong jaw, a pair of eyes that is perhaps a little far apart, and a gap in her front teeth.

Did they only settled with each other, since they weren’t the darling eyes of the crowd to attract anyone else?


The Man has a brooding look and reticent demeanor that would attract any woman who has a weakness for mysterious men. Yet in a bar, in the presence of his close company, his persona would shed to reveal a humorist, liberal in thoughts and quick in wits. This transformation had endeared him to admirers ever more.

She on the other hand was a minder who had no time for leisurely pursuits in a bar. With eleven siblings to care for and a single parent mother to support, she would nag like a matriarch even if she was only the third in command, or in a family stratum – the second child. Her siblings called her the Hector because hectoring was what she did when they wouldn’t listen to her. She worked hard in the house to look after her family and this industriousness carried her to her first job.

While their appearance may not attract fetching men or woman, they don’t repel them either. Their self-assurance and practicalities made them grounded and approachable to any man, woman, and each other.

So, what drew them to one another was not an inexplicable flicker of emotion that passes between them. It wasn’t a spurt of hormones or pheromones or a set of dramatic circumstances.

It was merely a simple act of human interaction; and this was built on mutual respect they didn’t reserve just for each other, but for everyone they meet. It later instilled familiarity, which then bloomed into fondness and finally, forming a lifelong bond of trust. They have unpeeled the outer layers of their being to see and share the souls in each other.

Their love story isn’t for grand authors or novel poets, nor for embellishers who fancy the tales of feelings, of longing, of grief or of regret. Theirs is a story of fluid love that came organically, and it would have either grown and solidify, or simply withered away. And you know to which theirs went.


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