Disjointed thoughts

Wheat Field

Nerves cells: dead nerves, underused nerves, inactive nerves, torpid nerves, sluggish nerves, explosive nerves, frightened nerves, long nerves, short nerves.


Somehow, posting something new here is unnerving.

These are verses I wrote to mulch my barren patch. 

To all Men: free will
To Mother Nature: free reign.
Why do you blame God?

From the Ashes
Look to East Asia
And to the Western Nations
War torn, now first world

The difference between a minimalist and a spartan
A minimalist
is one who can afford to get
fitting aesthetics

I’m out of practice
Like horse baulking at a fence
The fence is anger

Gaze at a heron
Long enough and you’ll see it poop
Bathos is better

Small Minds
Talk about people
And I’ll end up making fun
of them and their ways

Talk about myself
And I risk offending none
But the Holy Ghost


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