Malaysia. A love story.

Malaysia World

The party I was rooting for in my country’s recent general election has failed to secure enough seats to lead the nation. With their defeat went my hope of living a non-indebted life. I have school loans to pay and a family to care for and with the current wage rate in my state, I am looking at a very tight monthly budget. In spite of this, I appreciate the hope the coalition party has given me. Their stirring speeches and people-centric manifestos reflect the kind of intelligence and progressive mindset I could ever hope for from a strong leader. They make me believe that there is hope for this country, that not all the brilliant minds are fleeing for greener pastures abroad. The country may even be on the right track to becoming first world. Despite the loss of the coalition opposition, my kindled hope is not extinguished.

Malaysia has a lot of love stories to tell. I am not talking about romance, or the love for food, as West Malaysians are mostly known for. I am talking about the love stories of her people. While I have met a handful of insulated and bigoted individuals who have rattled my minority self-esteem, I am not disillusioned by them. They do not overshadow the gem of characters I have met, those who are kind and indifferent to Malaysia’s racial identity. And during the running up to the election I have proudly witnessed the solidarity of multiracial Malaysians that I know that they, we, are capable of. Their helping hand and unity to thwart those who are corrupt is the kind of story that I am inspired to read, and write about. Of course, it would make a great ending if the coalition party did win, but, like an epic love story, Malaysia is a novel in the making. 

And I am happy to be part of the story.


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