Window to the Moon

Serendipitous is when I was at the balcony of the outbuilding, where my temporary room is, ready to head to the bathroom next door to wash my feet before going to bed, when I saw the clear night and was reminded of yesterday’s full moon and an article from Google + that mentioned of a possible partial lunar eclipse, which drew me outside to gaze up at the sky only to see a lucent moon veiled by a thick curtain of scudding clouds, but not a moment too soon, a sole gap in the clouds drifted into place and afforded me a window to the brilliant moon.


There was no eclipse that night but I thought of the people who’d been on the moon, how Man was once so inspired to reach that ball of light in space that no expense was spared in achieving the feat. Imagine the computers they used then compared to the ones we have now.  The chip in an Android phone the size of our palm is more powerful than the computers they used to fly their spaceships. How much less complicated it would be for them, for us to revisit the moon today.


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