Writing Prompt: She Meant to Call

Post it Note

Torn and ripped clothes from the laundry bucket littered the floor. The colorful tangle of fabric was everywhere, covering nearly the entire living room carpet. A wooden leg of the coffee table had been gnawed and chewed to a skeletal form. The sofa was ravaged. From a ripped hole at the back of the chair, foamy innards trailed. Walking closer to it, I noticed a cavity the size of my head.

“Oh my gosh!” Tanna said. She was my best friend. “I am so sorry Reese. Please forgive me. I forgot to tell you.” I looked at her curiously.

Tanna said she meant to call me to inform about Lucifer’s bad habits. She’d been busy with her job and that demanding boss of hers hardly gave her a break. Lucifer, Tanna’s pug, approached us out of nowhere with his curled tail wagging. He gave us a most excited expression. Horrified, Tanna hunkered down and was about to chide her pet.

“It’s okay,” I said. “It’s all right Tanna,” I had to assure her, she was on the verge of tears. Tanna stared up at me bewilderingly.

I went to my room, Tanna following with Lucifer in her arms. From inside the closet, I took out a suitcase, and all my hanged clothes and brought them to the bed. I divested the garments of the hangers and started packing. The clothes barely fit when I finished. I swept the makeups on the vanity table into my bag and took out an eyeliner and a piece of yellow post it note, upon which I wrote ‘sorry about Tanner’s dog. Have a wonderful life with Jenny’. I posted it on the mirror.

With the luggage, Tanner, and Pug in tow, I strode out of the apartment, happy.


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