Haiku: Interlopers in Sabah, North of Borneo

An usurper and self-proclaimed Sulu King from Mindanau, South of Philippines is demanding sovereignty of my homeland, Sabah and has sent his followers to Lahad Datu.

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Capital City via Wikipedia

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Capital City via Wikipedia

Hold up in a village here, the militia are besieged by my country’s armed forces. Undeterred, they continue to demand ownership of country that doesn’t want their brand of savagery. Tribalistic and violent, these people are why normally sedate Sabahans are antsy and prejudiced, or some may call it racist – against their ilk, as reflected by this visitor. I dedicate this Haiku to the interlopers.

White fabric meets earth
Dun crap seeps in, stains and spread
The muck wants it whole

You can read foreign news report on the incident: here and here.

Update: March 1st, 2013. Negotiations for surrender are over after a firefight which was instigated by the savages. Two of my country’s armed commandoes died, while the owner of the house where the leader of the militants stayed was killed. The militants lost twelve of their men while ten more have surrendered. So much for “We will never surrender” by the dialysis-dependant Sulu King. As a Christian I am saddened by this turn of event. As a human being, I cannot help but feel irate at these intruders. If they were enlightened folks, with a prosperous and well developed land, the Sabahans, already at odds with government leaders in West Malaysia, might gladly join them. But their own people have fled the land to live and earn a living illegally here. Landlords or not, it is the natives, born and bred who will determine the leadership of this land. Not some Mindanau savages.


2 responses to “Haiku: Interlopers in Sabah, North of Borneo

    • Dun crap stands for a stain that tries to spread on the fabric, which represents home. Muck is another word for filth. This is an entry before I did a reflection on my thoughts. :S “Really Olee. You should calm down before writing anything nasty.”

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