Haiku from the Homefront

River Bed

Mom wading through the water

Balik Kampung (Visiting late granddad’s village)

Pellucid river
Swallows gaze and sound
Transfixed, I’m drifting

In Bed

My elbows sink deep
My hands cradle my dull head
Tummy down I lay

 My chickens’ weekly visitor

Startled while stalking
This cold blooded predator
chose a cornered end

Monitor Lizard Trapped

Flee Monitor Lizard

While watching a local action film, and comparing it to low budget action films from other countries, colourful cussing sprang forth from my lips.

Scenes dialogues
Simple and foreseeable
Prided as a hit

Cutout characters
Bland and one dimensional
are as good as shit

Jaguh kampung boasts
Sub par script made into film
and won awards. Tut!

Final thoughts

Drive a pen across
A paper as sword through flesh
Opinions cut deep


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