Folly and An Escape

Koukou Nyushi

The past few weeks, I have been torturing myself by reading polemics and sesquipedalian mumbo jumbo on opposition news portals. Since I made a promise to cut down on reading politics, my recent indulgences are nothing short of folly. Folly. Hmmm… scratch that, I was being stupid.

Most opinion pieces lack support, objectivity or humour. The news is sordid, the language is abstract, and the opinions are unbending. Grace man grace. I’m a Christian, why was I feeding on these pieces? They’re eroding my faith in humanity. I was growing mad. Mad, I tell you. Down with the system. Down with the establishment! Down with…

In short, politics is unhealthy.

So, to offset this negativity, I did what any sane woman would do. I went looking for —

a Korean drama! You see, dumbing yourself down can help you unwind. So, off looking I went at one of those illegal asian series streaming sites with subtitles. Hey, I’m an idealist, but not that of an idealist. With all the options in the list, picking wasn’t easy. But sampling a few episodes and using my many years experience as a potato couch (and an ex-film student), I learned that formulaic storyline, love triangle and stiff looking actors cannot rid the bad taste in my mouth from reading politics. Also, the Korean TV producers really need to diversify.

Eventually, I ended up with a good Japanese mini series: Koukou Nyushi. 

It is about a group of teachers trying to deal a series of problems while grading an entrance level exam papers. Having to work around the repercussion of conflict of interests and tread the fine line of being fair to students and abiding rules, the story raises intrigue, and ultimately makes you feel sad for the people stuck in an old school education system. Like my, ooh ah, you’re not going there Olee. Locking my knuckles. No more mentioning of politics.

Koukou Nyushi is a refreshing watch asian TV fans ought to check out.


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