It’s a Lonely Road


This is the lefthand penmanship of a right hand user.

I miss my West Malaysian friends. I miss talking with them. Maybe, I should open a new primary Facebook account just for them and this time, I will exclude all my absolutely normal kindred. And I’ll use a different name. Yes. I’ll use Cobra as in C.O.B – my initials, and RA – the ancient Egyption god.


Cob and RA.

Cob with Ra.


I’m so going to end up a spinster.

New Facebook might be a good idea. Then again, like before, Facebook would be a source of light and I would be the mindless fruit fly, inevitably drawn to its numbing brightness, to perpetually stare and wait for the enlightening reward that would never come.

Best I avoid making a permanent haunt of the network.

Perhaps I can have my friends on Twitter.

I have a growing fascination of Twitter of late. When I first had my account, I rarely touched it, except when I needed to meet a gadget-giveaway requirement. Then a bit of Tweet inducement spurred me to explore. Twitter has since allowed me to follow some interesting people – strangers of like interests, particularly of the English literature. With it, I am able to catch snippets of what goes on in their brilliant minds.

And that, itself is a cause of concern for me. I am now frequenting Twitter more than I like to be. Without going into details, like Facebook, I know the pitfalls of being addicted to Twitter. Unlike Facebook, I cannot suspend my account indefinitely.

So it appears, there is no way for me to alleviate my longing for my friends but to resort to the old fashion – phone calling and emailing; until I’m off the unemployment list that is, and then I can bug my friends for real.

In an effort to insulate myself from the internet, and return to a sluggish state of mind, perennially watching movies and reading absurd novels, I’m cutting back on Twitter following, watching videos of rabble-rousers, reading political blogs and articles with infos that would only ruin my eyes.

Oh, also, I have to be honest. I haven’t been posting much here because I have been posting everywhere else like Blogger, Tumbler..

Didn’t you know? I am extremely shy and the visibility WordPress has given to my work is – extremely humbling.

Post script: I’m posting prompt pieces I have done and posted on my Tumbler blog which, if you were curious enough, you would be able to track down, and I’m labeling them with prompt pieces. Tumbler has a very nice looking typography layout and low visibility because, but as I recently learned, it is notorious for porn.  ( _ _)*


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