Home is where the Heart is


The pressure is on. Anxiety has roused me early and I have no choice but to comply to my neurons’ workings, try as I might to remain in bed and return to sleep.

Outside the window, the buzz of passing cars rises and fall. Drivers, passengers, children, parents, sons and daughters all teeming the road for their daily grind. Against this mechanic drone, the dawn chorus play: birds singing, chicks chittering, insects screeching, my neighbour’s puppy barking, and a young rooster crowing. My heart turns wistful.

Funny, why do I worry about not being able to listen to this again? I wasn’t listening to it when I had a job near home.

Fifty minutes away, the city lies. It has none of nature’s chorus, save the cawing of crows and the cooing of pigeons. The sound of man is encompassing. And that is where my next possible daily grind will be. The job?

I’ll be interviewing for it today. I wish I can say I’m looking forward to it. I suffer from excessive attachment to soothing and comforting spaces. Simply said, I love my comfort zone, and my main comfort zone is here, my home.

There’s a reason why people like working from home. Home is a stress alleviator.

Home is my refuge. Call me cosseted, I can be poor but still be happy at home. Home is my manna. Home means sleep and siesta. Siesta or power nap which researchers claim rejuvenates the body, can easily be done at home. Without enough sleep, there’s that possibility of me turning sluggish. Of course, that may be because I’m not getting enough exercise, bottom line is… Home is where my heart is. I know. This is turning childish.

Anyway, good things that can help workers become more productive aren’t encouraged in the office. (Save the few enlightened companies that allow work from home). Workers sleeping on the job is highly frowned upon. Why do employers like to make their workplace a source of negative energy?

And why do I worry so much of this? Geez, Olee, just get ready already.

Oh, also, home allows procrastination.

For the family, for the thing that makes the world go kaput, I’ll be heading to the interview now.


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