Random Thoughts

Mayan Temple

Seriousness calls for reflection, and reflection begets silence.

A calm mind can function despite distractions. Meditate or hesitate.

Sudden pangs of guilt can force random words out of the mouth, spoken noise to mute a mind unstrung.

Fiction writers write. When not writing, avoid writing about writing. Free days ought to be spent savouring life: observing, experiencing, and ultimately living.

If you write believing that your content would inspire as much excitement and intrigue in your audience as in yourself, you’re in the right path.

Writing isn’t serving time in solitary confinement. It’s a duty bound task, a service to yourself and your audience. The remuneration is great but the sense of accomplishment is immeasurable.

That’s it. I’ve updated my blog. Duty served. Now go away conscience! Have a Happy New Year readers. Earth will dance around the sun again (boohoo Mayan Armageddoners), and to what song? You decide.


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