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Wowee! My first ever nomination for Very Inspiring Blog Award and it came from Harry Nicholson, author of Tom Fleck a delightful historical novel. Here are the rules to accepting the award:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Post the award image to your page.

3. Share 7 facts about yourself.

Let me see. 7 facts about myself.

I. I’m the only one among my sibs who doesn’t have Thalassemia, a hereditary blood disorder.

II. I won best video and best director award in a university level film festival.

III. Local culture expects that older and superior folks like lecturers are not to be questioned and always be respected. I have a reputation for being blunt and uhm… call out on their bull. I’m not really diplomatic.

IV. I failed to complete scaling Mount Kinabalu, tallest mountain in South East Asia. The invitation to climb for free came out of the blue. I was underprepared and the climb was agonizing. The descend however…

V. I’m naturally skinny. One time I wanted to bulk up so bad, I exercised intensely and only managed to gain muscles on my biceps. My upper torso remains meatless. Somewhat. Oh, and thanks to gravity, I’m healthy on the bottom-side.

VI. I can count the number of peers-friends in my home state with one hand. In college, I gained plenty of friends from West Malaysia.

VII. I find it difficult to pay attention when others are talking to me. I always daydreamed in class all through primary school, secondary school and two universities, fooling teachers and lecturers alike by always being top three in class. I’m rash, blunt, I tend to lose things even on my desk, I’m easily flustered and I don’t like working in a closed environment. I discovered real later I may have ADHD inattentive.

And there you go.

For inspiring me with words and even the weirdest outlook in life, I have chosen these folks.

That’s it. Have an inspiring day and may the muse be with you.


8 responses to “Very Inspiring Blog

  1. Hi Olee – Congratulations on being nominated and thanks for the nomination! I think this is such a wonderful way to end the year, by acknowledging blogs that have inspired us, kept us company with their words and stories. I’m going to pass it on 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Oh, like I said. You deserve it. Love your passion for the genre romance. I may not be a fan for it, but it clearly drives the literary spirit in you. Which by the way, inspires me. ;]

    • In a way it does. Your reflective posts mirror how I feel about work and life in general. Sombre, introspective. And I like your prose. If you can believe that. If only I can be as poetically melancholic as you. Haha. Sure. I’ll send you my email address.

    • But I have. I’ll re-send the same thing. I am using my hotmail address. Check your spam box and tell me if you got it.

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