Relearning Touch Type

Keyboard in Trash

Today, I started training on a Dvorak keyboard. Rewiring the brain to touch-type (typing without looking) isn’t easy. But I look forward to the day when I can switch back and forth between Dvorak and Qwerty and not having to endure wrist pain.

Remember when I wrote about wishing there was a slanted keyboard so my fingers didn’t have to splay and writhe like an electrocuted spider? No?

Okay maybe I said I wished there was a V shaped keyboard on laptops. Point of the matter is Qwerty wasn’t made with the convenience of hands in mind. A quick search online will tell you that the Qwerty layout originated from typewriters. You know. The big bulky clickety-clack-striiiip-ding thing. The position of the keys were designed that way to prevent the typewriter from jamming when you type quickly.

In college, I consider touch-typing as a proudly acquired skill. If my classmates had seen the benefit as I did, they would’ve been a hipster of last minute assignments like me.

I learned the basics of touch typing from a sight-impaired classmate. I never hewed to all her lessons and was winging it most of the time, not knowing whether I placed my fingers where they should be or not. Typos are all too common. At least, my typing was still faster than having to hunt and peck the keys.

When I finally decided to touch type correctly, which was earlier this year, I discovered Dvorak. The alternative sounded good but I never really considered it.

As I got to improving my Qwerty typing, I realized my personal way of touch-typing was more convenient. You know, the I’ll-place-it-using-what-ever-finger-I-want-as-long-as-I-know-it’s-there method. The proper way is awkward. I trusted the tried-and-tested method and ploughed on anyway. Now that I’m properly touch typing, I find did not like it at all despite an improved typing speed.

So I’ll be learning Dvorak instead, and wait…

there’s another one. COLEMAK. Ah drat. Back to research.

UPDATE: I’m learning Colemak instead.


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