Writing Exercise: Nowhere

Choose five words that begin with the letter M and write a story or poem with all of them in it. Write for 15mins/time yourself and read aloud.

Makeshift. Mat. Miasma. Melange. Mom

There is a full moon tonight. Light outside presses against the tarp tent, outlining the folds, patches, and stiches of what has been my makeshift home for the past ten months. This melange of water resistant materials were my roof and my walls. When my parents died late last year, no relatives would take me in and my brother did not leave a contact number for me to find him. When the landlady called to tell me the house had to be vacated and a neighbour said social service was on its way, I disappeared into the night carrying what little I had from the house. I was 15 then. Now at 16, I am living on the fringes of the woods, away from prying eyes, and surviving on canned food and leftover meals from picnickers.

The storm weeks before has abated and the weather tonight is inviting. It would be a shame to waste it inside this tent. I poke my head out and a miasma of damp air hit my nose. As I crawl out I could smell wet grass, raw earth and tinges of sweet smelling flowers around me. Standing up, I gaze at the inky black sky. Hundreds of stars studded it. Some twinkled at me, if only I could soar to them. I shudder as a cool breeze wraps my skin and immediately I reach inside and pull out a rubber mat, salvaged from the town’s dumpster and place it on the grass floor. I lay down on the mattress, looking skywards, and folded my arms behind my head. The sky looked so far yet so close and as the night stretches, I can feel my body rising towards heavenward. Mom is cooking in the kitchen. Wafting from the house, the smell her beef stew, my favourite. Dad is watching TV, laughter crackling from the matinee show. I am on the porch swing, with a book on my lap. Mom calls me inside. Supper is ready.


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