This blogger is lazy and hasn’t been writing anything

And because I haven’t been able to write anything, I decided to write a dialogue in a local accent, just to get rid of this grating voice in my head.

How has you been?

I have been listening to Engrish. Accent is messed up. Pronoun, subject verb, grammar, all messed up. Do you want to hear about it?

Oh no no no. I don’t want because my life is simple. If not important, don’t listen. If interesting, like Kim Kardashian, then pay attention like it’s your life.

I guess complaining is for babies, painful. But, it’s interesting what. I want to write proper.

I don’t care. I talk like this people still know.

You, me, together. Improve.

No need.


Where did you go last week?

I went nowhere. I’m caught in a vortex of Kpop.

What the buck. Me too. Those white clean girls that look like porcelain dolls.

Yes, power of plastic surgery and porcelain teeth.

Laminate one. I want also.

I want out. No more colourful wonderland filled with candy sweet Pop Pop. Makes me feel that life is unfair. Cold country, small pores. Hot country, large pores.

Eh. No lah. Makeup and like you said one. Plastic surgery.

Makes me feel like getting one to change myself entirely.

Me too lah. I want dick enhancement and pectoral implant. 

I need a better friend.


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