Encapsulation of Recent Events

When fractured bones need time to mend
And hands to lend which way you can
As unseen mites beset your skin
Leaving minuscule scabs on every limb
And a broken outboard motor
draws blame and disdain
Towards you the dependent
The family bane
And when feline faeces on the kitchen floor
Spark folk’s barks of command to have them out the door
You listen, you oblige, and you do what’s right
But sometimes you find yourself succumbing to spite
You take out on a random netizen with condescending words
Passive aggressions that you knew could hurt
On wounds, with relish, you added salt
As conversation turns sour you realize it’s your fault
What gives? you thought, you lost your grace
From anger to regret and to the consequences you now face
You realise you need to escape somehow
And worldly pleasures don’t cut it, you know
Then what comes into mind is something real
Your source of escape that you know could heal
The books! you remember and when you finally read
His words came alive and slowly, you are freed.


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