In Avoiding to Talk about Silly Debacles I’ve Been Reading

Pardon my randomness. Consider this a free writing exercise.

There should be a V shaped keyboard on laptops. My wrists hurt.

Genetically modified food causes cancer. I think Americans should cut down on buying processed food from malls and start rearing Chickens and feeding them imported grain from South East Asia. Or start a worm farm. Okay, I’m simplifying things. I’m sorry.

I don’t go out much. I don’t like to talk about others. To know who one really is, listen to how he talks about others. I like nice men. They make fun of themselves. I like nice women too. They work hard and nag. My mother nags.

I like Aliens, Predators, and Tremors. What do they have in common aside from monsters? Minimum romance. Heck Aliens and Predators have zero kissing scenes.

I like to watch Grimm. I’ve been revisiting the X-Files. Grimm is for girls who like fantasies and for boys who like comics. The X-files is for men and women who appreciate vocabulary like finagle and drunk tank, and crave creepy crusted  stories. I’m a regressed adult. I’m simplifying things again.

Everybody’s a critic. I can’t twist my neck to my right. I woke up with a neck ache. Please stop being serious. Look at people with a smile on your pretty face.


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