Been Away – on a Digital Excursion

I’ve been away, pursuing back-hunching endeavours over the internet with a passion, but now I’m back for a quick update. One of my projects was creating a new Blogger blog. I was obsessed with tinkering blogger’s html to replicate a very badass minimalist blogsite I found online. It to an extent that I lost an incredible amount of sleep. But it was worth it because my layout replica worked. I’m not linking it here because it’s not publicized and the blog mostly contains Simlish and strings of words that make no sense.  It was more like a pride-project to know whether I can do it. Haha.

Also, while on a mad hunt for other badass minimalist blog layouts, I fell in love with Tumblr’s selections. I opened an account, was flummoxed with the settings, and discovered many gifs laden pages filled with eye torturing mini texts, artsy typography and flowery quotes of non-life altering consequence, that I quit, closed my account and live a happy life.  Actually only the adolescent blogs are egregious. There are a lot of wholesome crafts and creations that had definitely intrigued me. Sadly, frequenting Tumblr means I have to go through crazy compelling posts that I cannot help but read and laugh at which means I’ll be wasting more time there than I should. By this I’m also admitting to my lack of self control over the internet.

Anyway, my blogging platform exploration has led me to appreciate WordPress even more. Despite using the free version of it, the familiarity is reassuring.

Before I leave, I must mention the greatness of Instapaper, Pocket, and Read Later App (available free on Apple store) The minimalist nature of the save-for-future-reading apps is what made me go crazy of minimalist layouts in the first place. Also, PenZen and QuietWrite, online platform to write without the pitfalls of distractions. They serve the eyes well, especially for someone with severe attention deficiency, like…



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