Cryptic Mind Statements That May Very Well Be Offensive Hence the Obscurity

That world is going down. Down! A love story without context and solid personalities populating the premise is paltry and insulting. If the world builder does that, he might as well get a couple of cardboard cutouts and stick them together.

“Oh no. Here comes the villainous Scissors. Run Cardboard Chick run.”

“Don’t worry Cardboard Man. I have this magic wooden Toothpick than can destroy steel Scissors. Only I can wield its full power!”

“Oh, Cardboard Chick. You are so inexplicably special. No…” Cardboard Man jumps in the way of charging Scissors.

Cardboard Chick waves the Toothpick. “Hocus cowdung! Begone Evil Scissor. I turn thee into Ashtray!” Poof! A new addition to the house.

“Oh, Cardboard Man there is a hole in your unremarkable person. Dastardly Scissors.”  

“It is all right. I am not going to die. Because the power of my love for you – you who are so flat yet so beautiful, so flimsy yet so strong, so ugly yet so compelling; You who are so mysteriously special – I will survive; I will live.”

“Awww… my handsome Cardboard Man.” Squelch smooch smooch smooch smooch. Hurghh… Barf.  The end.

Tease out what you may from my ramble. This post is an attempt to psych myself up for my project. Got caught up in movies and TV series. And now comparing those hard-hitters with romance books so popular these days, I am at the state of bafflement. 


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