Dialogues of the Worst Kinds

A few nights ago, I was reading about how to write better dialogues and I ended up watching a video on Youtube about the worst, or the one of the worst kinds of dialogue.

Apparently the film is notorious in moviedom for being bad. Real bad. It is so bad it has a cult following. I should have learn about this in university when I was actually studying film.

Then I clicked on a linked videos which gave me the best body laughs I had this year.

Those humour maybe unintentional, but they make better comedies than SMOSH. Also, the discovery has led me to clever and funny comments, brilliant quips. At those videos expense.

A side note, here’s an artist I’m glad still exist in the 21st century. Dub FX reminds me of Phil Collins, and that unadulterated talent will always prevail against middling market produce.


2 responses to “Dialogues of the Worst Kinds

  1. I think writing dialogue is always tricky. You want it to say something about the characters that are involved but at the same time, it needs to be real. I’m always reading dialogue I’ve written aloud just to feel if it’s something that I’d say.

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