Zombie Run

9 July 2012

In a two-day span, I completed reading Day by Day Armageddon and Beyond Exile (sequel). Following that, I was on World War Z, glued to my E-reader till late last night. World War Z immersed me so much that apparently a lifetime had passed when I reached the final pages, and I felt like I had come out of a dark era. I was swept away by the novel’s narratives. I’m not sure I’m even well rested right now.

Compared to the other novels, World War Z is extensive. The scourge of zombies is treated with verisimilitude, encompassing various struggles and scenarios of different countries and cultures. It was a novel I thought had never existed after reading several Zombie novels by American authors, their travails – ethnocentric mostly. When I say this I mean in most stories with a wide variety of geographic and human-skill factors in the world, the population is still almost wiped out by a single Zombie plague. WWZ proved me there is logic in a Zombie story. It even pokes fun at those generic Zombie survivalists stories, albeit obliquely, elevating its own realism.

I imagine Max Brooks is one of those well read, ex journalist people with a childish obsession for zombies. No I haven’t Googled him. The transcriptions of events which made up his novels were spot on relevant – plot wise (quite unlike A Song of Fire and Ice, which was faux realist-fantasy. Okay I’m not even sure how to explain that)

At some point reading WWZ, I became repulsed by the very idea of the living dead. I guess to counter the intensity and depth of Brook’s zombie plague, I was dismissing Zombie as something unreal, scientifically improbable, (or impossible – semantics). But Brooks made it feel so. For this, his WWZ truly deserved a cinematic adaptation, though, a TV series, given the length of the novel, would do it more justice.


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