On Air

I’m so delighted because I got my laptop back yesterday. Would I sound unprofessional if I use, ‘yippee!’?

I could have gotten this Air weeks earlier when it was fixed had the people at the reseller’s office called me sooner. They called once, which I failed to pick up and they didn’t bother to try again. A week later then they remembered to get back to me. Like I was going to waste phone credits on them. HAHA. I wasted my own time.

Thanks to the warranty, Apple changed the whole monitor, which I have to admit, looks less unevenly backlit than the previous one. It was an LG monitor, and this one is by AUO company. I don’t know if a different company maker made any difference but I’m glad I’m looking at a new screen without a history of damage. Apple is great on that, replacements. I’m sorry to those factory workers in China though.

With this short post, I’m ending with a disclaimer “The tools don’t make the writer. The writer does.” Now where did I put those indecipherable writings of mine?


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