Happy Lappy

My windows laptop was not usable recently. Its hard disk was erratic, repeatedly spitting out current date on any type-able surface like hare racing through, while any browser I turned on kept refreshing. I had to rely on my Air as my main computer. But that one didn’t last as long as my five year old laptop. After eight months, the screen glared a line of dead pixels. I’m not even sure if it’s dead pixels. They’re obstruction to my viewing experience.

So, I sent it back to the reseller with the warranty I had and waited. And waited. Out of boredom I tried my windows laptop and lo and behold, I’m looking at a calm and stable computer.

The feel of responsive keyboard at the tips of my fingers is homely. Not that I don’t like writing with pen and paper. I appreciate the immediacy of readable writings from typing.

Okay. I have atrocious handwriting.

So, I’m hoping to churn out more amateurish work for the sake of writing and in the language I’ve always found difficult yet fascinating. Narrating what’s on my mind is easy. But presenting it in a way that make others continue reading, it’s a mystery non-native English speakers like myself find challenging. Okey dokey. Time to get back to work.


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