Writing Exercise: Under the Sea

Cauliflour Jellyfish. Photo by Derek Keats via Flickr.

Topic: Imagine living under the sea with a television and a favourite pet for company. Write a story about them for 15mins, time yourself and read aloud.

There was nothing good on today. Bob, my pet eel was floating across in front of me belly up. He was blocking the TV. I grabbed a staff and moved him along. But his antic offered better entertainment than the death of a coral reef somewhere at a storm swept shore. Those corals should have known better than to thrive there.

I turned off the television and bounded to my kitchen, grabbed a handful of edible seaweed from the fridge and started for the door. By the time I’m outside the house, Bob had roused from his lethargy and was snaking around my heels, eager to follow me. “Come on…” I said.

My abode, perched at the top of an underwater mountain, receded from me as I stretched out to swim. I swam briskly to cross the underwater gorge from above, the perks of living underwater, I came across John and Grace, the jellyfishes, said hello, and moved on, finally reaching the other side of the mountain. There I swam down along a steady incline where a plateau sat.

Bob was getting excited, zipping past me hither and thither. I finally reached the village on the plateau. Here, the corals are aplenty in glorious colours and various shapes and sizes. I poked a finger in an orifice of a holey reef and got a shout of, “Ey…”. Might be Finney the Frogfish lurking somewhere, or Clancy the Cuttlefish in his impeccable camouflage. “Just checking'” I said, and floated away, exchanging pleasantries with the locals. Bob had flitted off to play with a school of clown fish and a large manatee. I saw Pete my neighbor, lounging on his hammock and I swam up to him to say hi. He beckoned me to join him chilling on the coral laden plateau and so I did. I hung around talking, enjoying the seaweed I brought along. It’s very relaxing underneath the surface.



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