Remedy: Turn Around and Run Like Hell vs Dragonseed by James Maxey

Of late, I was beginning to feel disenchanted by Kindle, and the predictability of plots in fiction novels of my ill choices. To pass this jadedness, I grabbed a book I bought at a bargain a week ago and started reading.

There is nothing like flipping thick pages, feeling their coarse surface and being thoroughly engaged in bygone wars to get the magic of reading flowing again.

The book that stirred me, Turn Around and Run Like Hell by Joseph Cummins is a rewarding experience, it should have been made a school textbook.

I was moved and intrigued reading the tactical war manoeuvres by ingenuous military leaders of the past. The collection of stories is epic to say the least. The successful campaigns accomplished through unconventional military strategies were engagingly told, creating wonders in me that no fantasy book has ever done, save maybe Harry Potter.

I guess fictitious content has at the moment, lost its appeal to me, especially when I’ve recently completed Dragonseed, the last book of a cross-genre trilogy by James Maxey.

Magic spun by nano technology and fantasy-like human warfare against intelligent dragons, created by humans of ancient times when they were still earth dwellers, before they relocated to Moon and Mars, form the staple of the trilogy (bad phrasing I know). After some time, though drawn I was to know what happens in the end, I couldn’t keep my disbelief suspended anymore. Humans have reached the power of gods and everything was possible, even resurrection by nannies. Way to kill the excitement.

I still liked Maxey’s digestible prose. Yet having finally finished his series, the world he created didn’t provide a lasting impression on me. At least his novel didn’t have explicit and pointless sex like A Song of Fire and Ice, fiction padded with too many expendable characters and faux gritty realism.

Having spent the night writing this and continuing the next morning, it’s time I invigorate the body with a bit of exercise.


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