Thoughts fragmented

The thoughts didn’t linger…
I tried to hold on to them,
And reminded myself to write them down
But they just slipped away
the next morning

A puerile sense of satisfaction
is derived from being able to form
a few simple sentences
in a language I’m not used to speaking

Stories catered to young adults
Are usually written by adults who
Wanted to be the centre of a remarkable world
Filled with outstanding people
This I am guilty of

It’s tempting to tell self-righteous buffoons off online
However, best to leave it to those
Who have the intention to placate rather than educate.
One can never teach trolls
Unless you’re their mother
But even that is not guaranteed

Dazzling phrases, clauses, similes and metaphors
Impressing a host of readers
Eager to admire the poet’s work
While award winning poems
Aren’t that difficult to latch on to at all
His play of words almost…
sounds like Christopher Paolini’s

Writers vary. So does prose.
I just want a good content
One that leaves me buoyant, or ruminative
Not mystified.


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