Writing exercise: Mama’s Day

Topic: Write a story involving the following five things. They can occur in any order but they must be present. * A bus driver * Toothpaste * A violin * A postage stamp * A pair of jeans (pants you might wear) You have 10-15mins to write it. Time yourself and read it out loud. The purpose of reading your work out loud is so you are able to hear what lines or words work best.

Mama adjusted the canvas recyclable grocery bag slung over her shoulder, filled with a few things she picked up in her buying list: toothpaste for the household, a sack of onions, a bottle of tomato sauce, and toothpicks. Dad had a habit of picking his teeth after meal with a wooden toothpick only to chew on it afterwards. He couldn’t chew a dental floss. Mama thought she better head on home.

A bright afternoon sun beat down on her sweat drenched back, and she regreted having forgotten to bring an umbrella. The bus stop was only a few yards away so mama jogged to avoid the heat under open skies. As she ran, she passed the post office and remembered that I wanted a postage stamp. She’d almost forgotten.

A man was playing a violin on the sidewalk outside the post office. Mama didn’t give him a glance as she entered the post office. He was always there, playing. The post office had few people around, but it didn’t matter. Mama could head to the express counter to get a simple postage stamp. She got change from the purchase so when she passed the violinist, mama dropped the coins into his can.

A bus was already waiting when momma reached the stop. But it was parked. The bus driver came up to mama telling her that it broke down so she had to wait for another. The bus came into town every fifteen minutes. It was a small town. Not knowing what to do aside from waiting, she gazed up at the bright skies. It was cloudless and windless. She allowed her gaze to drop on a clothing store. It was air conditioned. Mama looked at her worn pair of jeans and she smiled.


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