Before the Flight

Fervently written on May 10, 2008

src: Disney Store

Before the Flight

I hate being serious. It’s the time when I have to shut pointless thinking from my head and start thinking of meaningful stuff.

I was staring at my room and the place looked like a scene from a disaster movie, a tornado aftermath. The luggage sitting in the midst of it appeared as though it had exploded in heaps of colourful clothings strewn everywhere. Plastics, books, facial stuff, contacts, mirror, shoes, tangled computer-charger-table-fan cables and wires adorn the junkyard of which I’ve been sleeping in. The cat’s midday naps on the table added more to the visual mess of my room. His stretch had stuff toppled over from the table. But I didn’t care then, who would? I was only going to be at home for a week. I was single, a bachelorette, heartbroken and listless, in other words lazy… the few friends whom I’ve revealed the identity of this blog writer would not care if this woman is a slob, if they did, it means, they’re not bosom friends to this loser.

Several hours ago I was in the city, shopping for a piece of wristwatch. Then old mam had to drag me into buying feminine stuff. I was wearing a nice black T, shorts – khakis, and was shod in Spider Man flip flops. The face, as usual sans makeups… being in the women’s shopping area made me feel… rejected.

The shopping under mum’s request was trying, until, I spotted the computer retail store… funny how the spirit lifts when it sees something it fonds. Dang why can’t I like shopping for women stuff! Would’ve made mum so happy seeing her daughter act like a daughter for once. .…Mum, I promise to wear a skirt again, some day, and make heads turn, with my height and tone like last laaast Christmas, but for now, I’m single, indifferent, crestfallen and hopeless.

To my close friends, I’m a loser because I let myself be one.

Before returning home, the family stopped by near a harbour where fishing boats dock. Ignoring the catcalls by them illegal immigrants, them Pilaks, I savoured the view of the coast, the ocean as long as I could before it was time to leave. For by the next day, I will have no more of the sea, no more of the ocean to gaze. I will be stuck in another world of cemented prison for two whole months doing my practical training.

Now the bags are packed, and the room’s cleared. The cat is on my lap, trying to get some heat from this skinny frame of mine.

Goodbye deadpan kid, goodbye ocean. Goodbye laid back life and all tanakwagu hensem (local handsome blokes)

Sigh… this stupid internet thing can’t really get me a man from home. I want to be at home longer!!! (There you go, the reason for this whiny post – – about why sa mo tinggal di hometown lama-lama).


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