Why So Serious?

Image may not be relevent. src: Favim.com

Time trickles into streams of obscurity
In the static illumined space
I call my room
Slowly, delicately
A pall settles
On my fore senses
Lulling awareness
To a growing silence
As I attempt to convey the vagaries of
My life’s moments,
In the few words I have at my disposal
My strength seeps away
with the waning heat
Now biding on the sheets where I lay
How hollow I feel
How the emptiness enervated
My sense of being
It hadn’t grumbled nor did it utter
A single whimper
To remind me the frail creature
That I am
Only a faint urging
Of a distant memory
Reinforced from so many years
Of unceasing maternal bidding
Reminds me that
I have to leave the computer
And go eat dinner.

Poetically challenged – Olee


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