Plucked Verses

First Written on December 20, 2010

Idle, unproductive and almost vacuous, I decided to pull pieces of writing from my Facebook blog and put them here, just so I’d feel better.

Alice Paints the Roses Blue

A bunch of blue roses
Exotic and rare
My sight can’t escape
Their cerulean glare
Their hue is arresting
Bright and supreme
Man’s novel achievement
Of invading their genes

The Rich who Felt like a Pauper

The mortal’s composition
Tinged with regret
Shares with any willing readers
How her inadequacy is filled instead
With the extraordinary things she’s done
The blessed things she has
Many friends
Two white-collar parents
Brothers and sisters too
All still living
Her prose and verses
Though laced with grief
Are filled with much gratitude
And sometimes
With self-gratifying relief
As others grieve in silence
for a life of dispossessed
She flaunts her blessings
in belied words of pride and humbling thanks.


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