Three days ago, before I was over-indulging in racket music incited by a head banging eight year old, I got to strike another book off my reading list. Black Rain an anthropological thriller by Graham Brown had me turning the pages like a giddy school kid wanting more Mars Bars. I had found my new Congo. I love the movie; never read the book, but I love it. If the VCD wasn’t boxed up somewhere, I’d watch right now. I, err… I’m digressing.

Sluggishly thorough yet fickle minded, I usually take my time after 10-20% into most books (gauged with Kindle) before picking up again. (I’ve been at 49% of Game of Thrones for two weeks now _._ ) Black Rain’s face paced action heightened my excitement as soon as I got past the first act. Graham Brown packs a punch with his debut novel as he tosses, mashes and weaves every thriller ingredient into Black Rain; conspiracy, mystery, anthropology, even monster, sans encumbering romance, it was truly a thrilling read, especially for one who puts Aliens on the pedestal of best movie ever.

I came to know this book from my former creative writing lecturer, Robert Raymer, an American expat living in sunny Malaysia as a full time writer. Three years back, his blog post on Black Rain intrigued me. I dug into it online and found an excerpt which was the prologue, worded illustriously like the unfolding of a movie.

“The darkness of the jungle loomed above, its dense tangled layers spreading like a circus tent from the towering pillars of massive tress…”

It has been removed though, replaced with a tamer first chapter. Regardless, I was hooked.

It took sometime but I was finally able to obtain it for my Kindle. A tree was spared in the process and a longing at length was sated. The sequel, Black Sun compels me for a ride but I’ve put off Tom Fleck for a week now, not to mention A Game of Thrones, Dragon Forge, The Hunger Games (kiddies dystopia blah… Waterworld starring Kevin Costner… now that’s post-apocalypse!) My attention deficit disorder makes me dilly dally.

Here’s the song that incited a two-day spate of rock listening pursuits until my eardrums ache.


5 responses to “Sidetracked

    • How do you find it so far? I was surprised by his contemporary prose. The Kindle ereader shows reading progress by per cent. It’s pretty nifty; much easier than pinching the read pages of a book against the unread pages, to see which one’s thicker, at least that’s how I’ve been doing it.

      • I’m only a 100+ pages in. I quite like it so far, actually, and I too was surprised by the contemporary prose, expecting flowery, old – fashioned language.

  1. Game of thrones is like…one of the most popular fantasy fiction ever, and I’ve yet to read it……I wonder how good it is. Please write a review when you’re done! Right now I’m reading R. A. Salvatore’s books. If you want ACTION-PACKED NON STOP FIGHTING and an insight into evil characters, I’d recommend the war of the spider queen series, but I don’t think you’d enjoy that kind of hack and slash with no beautiful literary prose.

    • All right. Spider Queen series? I’ll look into it. If the story doesn’t upset my faith on humanity, like the Korean drama series I just watched, I might give it a go.

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