In Search of Gold: Diverge from Divergent

30% into reading Divergent, a dystopian novel by Victoria Roth touted to rival Suzzane Collin’s Hunger Games, I gave in to vexation and went online, returning to the site that lauded it in the first place, Goodreads. I wanted to sift through reviews that mirror how I feel, and found them I did, the topmost being the first. The reviewer gave it one deserving star. Most readers liked it. Why the blazers did it get such great reviews? I read it was marketing. A plain-faced character rides the plot in what seemed to a promising premise, yet eventually morphed into one those obnoxious self-centered female protagonist borne out of the innermost desires of most YA authors. I feel like kicking the protagonist pompous ass. Wait, this anger is misdirected. I feel like telling Miss Roth to shove it. I tore  myself from the Divergent discussion, explored other books, other books with classy narratives, and I discovered this!

Set in the 15 century, Tom Fleck is a penniless bloke who, err, I can’t remember the synopsis, but the English prose is delectable! The writer is a North Englander, I think. And I wanted to read beautiful English novels with beautiful prose (not to be mistaken with purple prose), the likes of To Kill a Mockingbird. So, I sought to buy the novel which has compelling Goodreads reviews by what seemed to be readers of refined taste, and headed to Smashwords. Thank goodness for Smashwords. Amazon’s regional purchasing limitation is frustrating. Anyway, go here to read the author’s compelling background.


3 responses to “In Search of Gold: Diverge from Divergent

  1. Hello, Olee. I’m enchanted by your response to ‘Tom Fleck’. Some of the dialogue is lightly spiced with turns of phrase that are regional to North-East England but I think they will be comprehensible within their context. If there is anything that remains a mystery, please leave a question on my blog ‘Tom Fleck’ page.
    I’ll be very interested to know how you get on.
    Harry Nicholson

  2. I think I might want to check this out. I love a good prose, and I’m currently interested in getting e-books as well.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    • It’s my pleasure. I’ve been a visitor before you even changed the name of your blog. Took a bit of scouring to find it back. Thank you for taking the time coming here as well.

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