Soporific Afternoon

Two hands await, close yet apart,
Their fingers ready to seek keys,
The eyes monitor the monitor,
The mind dictates where they go,
Though often itself wanders off,
Leaving the rest still.

Inside a family murmurs,
Discontent over content,
Or rather, lack of.
The tummy needs a filling,
The whole house,
Feel its urgings,
Still working,
Despite itself.

A table fan hums and rattles,
Blowing tepid air
The weather falters between rain
Or shine
Piercing my eyes with Sun’s glare
while tempering them with skies of grey

I think I might take a nap
Or go down the kitchen and get some snack
Or maybe asked mum to buy clamshell…
Oh shoot, I’m feel really hungry now

This work was also posted as personal material at


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