One Day on the Home Front

My words are my friends. My words are my friends. My words are my buddies, my comrades, my bosom pals. Come words come… come…. hummmm… hummmm… Drat.

Where are my ideas? Okay, I exercised, plucked hairs off my oxter and exercised some more. Perhaps I need to pump more blood into my upper body.

Seconds later....

Done. So where are my story ideas? Nada.

Scenarios elude me, characters scattered, my thoughts stagnant, my mind is barren! I got nothing! Nothing I tell you! Oh, what madness is this? What misfortune deprive me of my story sense? Can I spin yarn without wool? Can I draw lines without dots? Can I write stories without content? Blast me! My left hand is shoved against my cat’s butt sleeping diagonally on the table, and I’m still without a story idea.

Perhaps, sigh, perhaps I’ll write a Mary Sue, just to get the ideas running.


2 responses to “One Day on the Home Front

  1. Trying. Too. Hard. I am writing a story entitled “The House on the Hill”. Why don’t you try to write a story with the same title. Pretend its a semester exam and you have 2 and a half hours. Gogogogogo.

    • Ark. I’m working on a short excerpt – as in I might not finish the story but just a scene. So, hold your horses. I’ll take on your proposition. Thanks.

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