One day, in a land somewhere near the back of your toilet seat, Queen Germinite declared that Princess Griminite would succeed her as the supreme breeder of their colony. The back of the toilet realm rejoiced at this news, for it meant that the virile of would have new nucleus to merge with…

Oh wait…

I forgot, germs multiply asexually.

Never mind. Forgive me on that false start. I was trying to put a stop to a continuous drought of ideas that’s been plaguing me; most term it as a writer’s block.

The best arsenal I have against this is freewriting and the accumulation of vocabulary in a weeklong campaign of novel-reading and dictionary-dive. Of late, nought a story idea is forthcoming. Every ‘what if’ conceived is killed of by a sense of pointlessness. Apathy might have something to do with it, or simply being out of practice. Hmm… too many formal words. Formal words help pare sentences into concise writings. But, they take out the beauty and personality of it. Sigh. I’m still overly critical of my work. The editor is there but the storyteller isn’t. I’m going to try again.


2 responses to “Bummer

  1. The starting of the Queen Germinite story was promising. Sad that it was only a paragraph; it would have been interesting.

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