Inside the moving car, my eyes sail yonder past the coast and across the water. Over the horizon, where sky meets sea, I see clouds flock together to conceal the last rays of the sun, their underside gleaming in hues of pink and yellow.
I turn to my right where a contrasting sight beholds. Looming over human edifices, tight and abound, pregnant clouds marching ominously in lines, ever ready to blitz the earth with rain.

My gaze now shifts to the front window. Shop signs and neon lights shine brightly against greyness, cast by weakening light. Manmade structures begin to cluster, while greeneries peter out. I feel my lungs tighten. Being inside the car feels like I’m in prison and the buildings are crowding in on me. I have a small taste of claustrophobia. I spend moments on focusing my breathing.

As we near the city, the clouds appear suspended in mid air. They are so close to the ground, appearing as though they are to smother the earth in their midst.

Rain brings such fearsome yet beautiful sight.


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