a la Gorillaz Lyrics: Water Buffaloes are For Sale

I love Gorillaz. Wack lyrics. Here’s my attempt to write my own. I have no melodies. These lines are mine. If you use them, quote me. 

Water buffaloes are for sale.
If I see one used for membajak.
Have the owner call me,
I’d nominate him Pesawah Sabah Tradisional Terakhir,
Put him on video and make him my second daddy.
Water buffaloes are for sale,
To chop off, slice up, flay, and made into pamahas,
or pusas, or Magnesium Triscilicate kampong.
Served with the booze and the beers when
Drunkards and freeloaders join together
In a wake or a wedding.
Water buffaloes are for sale
When a man who can’t
Be sneaky anymore needs one for the lady’s daddy
Coz daddy wants his dowry
He ain’t selling his daughter cheap
She’s an Unduk Ngadau, was, supposed to be,
Overlooked, or is soon to be
That’s why water buffaloes are for sale
Some use it to use play hockey
But I’m talking about KadazanDusuns
With their need for water buffaloes
Water buffaloes are for sale.

I ran out of ideas. But Gorillaz lyrics are never long.

Membajak basically means to plough.

Pamahas or pusas is a Kadazan Dusun term for side dish served with the main course of a favourite kadazan Dusun meal – the WINE; rice wine, palm wine, coconut wine, all kinds of wine, or any local brew that boosts self-esteem and human stupidity.

Pesawah Sabah Tradisional Terakhir means The Last of Traditional Sabahan Farmer.

Unduk Ngadau is a Kadazan Dusun term for beauty pageant. Like real beauty queens, Unduk Ngadau winners serve no purpose, except to strut in traditional clothes and mind bragging to other chicks that they’re bona fide beauties.

I wished they’d kept the old tradition, dumping Unduk Ngadau queens into Gunung Kinabalu’s pit to appease the paddy god. The god might not exist, but I’d be appeased.

Fine. I’m a mite bitter.


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